Recent Writing about Josephine Butler

Books and articles published since 2014

Mathers, Helen, Josephine Butler. Patron Saint of Prostitutes, The History Press, paperback edn, 2021

Robinson, Jane, Josephine Butler. A very brief history, SPCK, 2020. 

Matthews-Jones, Lucinda, ‘ “Granny thinking what she is going to write in her book”: religion, politics and the Pontefract by-election of 1872 in Josephine Butler’s Personal Reminiscences of a Great Crusade (1896)’, Women’s History Review, Vol 26, 2017, pp.935-952

Styler, Rebecca, ‘Josephine Butler’s Serial Auto/Biography: Writing the Changing Self through the Lives of Others’, Life Writing Vol 14, 2017, pp. 171-84.


Salvation Army

Josephine Butler, Florence Booth and ‘The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon’

“Those of you who have at one stage or another studied some aspect of the Victorian era will have probably stumbled across the Pankhursts – the militant suffragettes; the Brontes – the celebrated authors; Florence Nightingale – the ‘lady with the lamp’; or even Annie Besant – the leader of ‘the Matchgirls Strike’.

But ‘the patron saint of prostitutes’? Perhaps not…”

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